Erase acne scars, dark marks, and fine lines.

The Pore Stamp: Adjustable Micro-Needling Stamp  stimulates collagen to eliminate old and new acne scars, dark spots, and fine lines!

Adjustable Mirconeedling Stamp

Very easy to use and comes with great instructions. I do not have acne but wanted the benefits of derma rolling without using a derma roller with bad needles and didn't really want to roll. Do you roll forward only or back and forth, too much confusing advice out there. So the Banish worked great!

Shaina Paul, Licensed Aesthetician

I love the fact that the banisher can be used from the comfort of my home with little down time. I’ve been always wanting to do microneedling but the cost is so high. I was happy to stumble upon banish on TikTok and immediately ordered. So far I am impressed with the ease of use and can’t wait to see results.

Helen Zhang PA-C, Master Injector

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Kimia Kosari, Licensed Aesthetician