Get Ready for Holiday Gatherings with Mole Removal + MelanX Peel and Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

Look your best for the holidays with Charette Cosmetics' aesthetic services. Before you head to family gatherings or celebrations, pamper yourself with our treatments such as Mole Removal + MelanX and Laser Hair Removal.

Mole Removal and MelanX in Atlanta, Georgia 

We combined our mole removal service with the MelanX Peel for incredible results! 

Charette Cosmetics’ mole removal technology gives instant results on a wide range of common skin irregularities. And when combined with our MelanX peel, we knew she was going to love her results.

The MelanX level two chemical peel treats dark spots, acne scarring, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, fine line and wrinkles.

This peel comes with a post care 20-25 day skin care regimen including a prescription strength bleaching cream, retinol serum, a soothing balm, and a facial cleanser. Maintain the results after with the Pigmentation Pack! 🧴

With this package your skin will look: 

✨ Brighter

✨ Healthier

✨ Smoother

✨ Fresher

✨ Clearer

Many patients want to have moles removed for a variety of reasons ranging from cosmetic to health reasons. Now they can achieve their desired appearance thanks to non-invasive mole removal in Atlanta, Georgia.

MelanX Pigment Restoring Peel was devised by Paul Charette himself to better suit patient's aesthetic and skincare goals. It can also be applied anywhere on the body and works amazingly for the bikini area.

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta 

Tired of waxing, shaving or plucking hair again and again, or dealing with razor bumps or ingrown hair? Laser hair removal at Charette Cosmetics is just for you. 

We use the latest laser hair removal technology that uses the gold standard wave-length - the Alexandrite Laser - and it is amazing.

This technology is:

* Pain free

* Requires fewer sessions

* Safe for all skin types

Remove unwanted body hair and feel confident again. Laser hair removal is a safe procedure and long-term approach to removing hair.

Save yourself the time and potential nicks and cuts from shaving. Laser hair removal at our Atlanta, Georgia aesthetic center will give you the smooth skin you long for. With advancements in technology and technique, we offer desirable and permanent hair removal for women and men.


For skin care treatments in Atlanta, Georgia reach out to us, Charette Cosmetics also treats patients in Mableton, East Point, College Park, Panthersville, Brookhaven, Decatur, and more.

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