What Is Hydroquinone and Why Is It Used in Skincare?

What Is Hydroquinone and Why Is It Used in Skincare?

When it comes to a healthy skincare regimen, it is important to know what you are putting on your skin. After all, skin is the body’s largest organ. The ingredients found in your cleansers, creams, serums and cosmetics are absorbed into your body. At Charette Cosmetics, our innovative technique and approach to skincare ensures our products’ effectiveness and safety. This means you can enjoy a youthful, more radiant complexion without concerns about what you are actually putting on your skin.

When it comes to hyperpigmentation, a common skin concern among our clients, we offer a variety of skincare products that ease the look of dark spots. Plus, thanks to extensive research and testing, our products effectively treat hyperpigmentation for everyone and every skin type and color, from Asian to African to Latino to Pacific Islander.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is when you see dark spots that are often called sun spots, liver spots or age spots. It can also appear as small freckles or larger areas of darkened skin. One of the main causes of hyperpigmentation is sun exposure. Over time, the little areas of skin where melanocytes have soaked up sunlight become darker and more visible. In addition to sun damage, hyperpigmentation on the face can also be caused by trauma like acne, hormonal changes or injuries.

What Is Hydroquinone? 

When treating hyperpigmentation, it is important to know what hydroquinone is and why it is used in skincare. Hydroquinone is a topical, “skin-lightening” agent widely used to treat symptoms of hyperpigmentation. The compound is popular because it inhibits or temporarily slows the production of melanin pigment in the skin. By decreasing the melanin, skin tone will appear to be more even.

At Charette Cosmetics, we safely use hydroquinone because it is unmatched when it comes to targeting hyperpigmentation, discoloration, scarring and melasma—concerns our patients of color deal with the most. Treating darker skin (melanated) can be more difficult as certain treatments for hyperpigmentation that are effective for people with lighter skin do not work as well for people with dark skin.

What Are Potential Problems From Hydroquinone?

A problem that can arise with hydroquinone is when the melanocytes (pigment calls) die, the accumulation of them becomes visible on the skin, just like any other dead skin cells. This means the skin that appears lightened will begin to get dark again. This phenomenon is called exogenous ochronosis. It is defined as a cutaneous disorder characterized by blue-black pigmentation and it is a direct complication due to long-term use of hydroquinone. Ochronosis can be permanent. 

Rebound hyperpigmentation is not only a cosmetic issue, but also an emotional one for people who believed hydroquinone helped them achieve their desired results. Users are unaware that the long-term use of high concentrations of hydroquinone is actually what has triggered the adverse, unwanted increase in melanin production. Hydroquinone in high concentrations may also cause skin inflammation. 

With this knowledge in mind, Charette Cosmetics created a safe, yet powerful formulation of ingredients in our skincare products aimed at easing hyperpigmentation. Products like our MelanX Chemical Peel and Pigmentation Pads contain hydroquinone and when used as directed, result in amazing transformations. In fact, many of our patients from around the world use our products, because they have tried everything and nothing else worked for them.

Skincare Products That Ease Hyperpigmentation

At Charette Cosmetics, hyperpigmentation can be improved with products designed specifically for this skin condition. Using a proprietary protocol and custom formulation, we see proven results that treat and clear hyperpigmentation in people of color, revealing gorgeous, radiant skin that glows from within. 

An ideal option for easing the look of hyperpigmentation is using the Pigmentation Pack designed by Charette Cosmetics as part of your daily skincare routine. The Pigmentation Pack features six products specifically formulated for hyperpigmented skin concerns. It is highly effective yet gentle and safe enough to be used as part of your daytime and nighttime regimen. From morning until nighttime, these natural products work together to give you a more even, brighter complexion that eases and smooths the look of dark spots.

$325 | Pigmentation Pack | 6-piece set

Illuminate + Purify Exfoliating Cleanser
With a combination of 2% Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid, Illuminate + Purify Cleanser aids in unclogging pores, opening clogged pores and removing surface oils. The ingredients in this gentle, exfoliating cleanser give you smoother skin and help to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.

Activate + Tone Antioxidant Mist
With natural extracts like cucumber, rosemary, and melon, Active + Tone Antioxidant Mist helps to improve your skin’s complexion, reduces puffiness and swelling, and calms the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. After your gentle cleansing routine, this cooling mist can be sprayed on your face in the morning and at night as part of your nighttime skincare regimen.

Nourish + Soften Moisturizer
Charette Cosmetics created Nourish + Soften Moisturizing Lotion to be used morning and night, giving your face the hydration and protection it needs in a lightweight formula that feels soft and clean. This sheer, oil-free moisturizer smooths and tones skin with Witch Hazel and protects skin against moisture loss with Glycerin.

Perfect + Preserve Sheer SPF 50
Protecting the delicate skin on your face from the sun’s harsh UV rays is an imperative part of every skincare routine. Protect + Preserve is a lightweight, gentle sunscreen with SPF 50 for superior protection and supple, smooth skin. It helps to visibly brighten areas of blemishes and discoloration.

Brighten + Enlighten Prescription Pads
Brighten + Enlighten Prescription Pads are formulated to correct uneven skin tone and ease visible discoloration due to pigmentation. The natural ingredients protect against free radicals, giving your skin a healthy barrier for optimal protection.

Rejuvenate + Reverse Retinol Serum
Retinol has been touted for years as an anti-aging skincare product. It eases the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Rejuvenate + Reverse Retinol Serum is formulated with an advanced encapsulated retinol that replenishes your skin, improves discoloration, and protects against moisture loss. It’s ideal for acne-prone skin because of its exfoliating properties.

MelanX Level II Chemical Peel
Charette Cosmetics offers a signature, prescription-strength MelanX Level II Chemical Peel (retail price $850) that serves as a complete at-home, skin-lightening system. The chemical peel technique speeds up the body’s natural process of sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new skin. It lifts and lightens unwanted dark spots and evens out skin tone. 

This at-home chemical peel is done virtually with one of our trained, licensed medical professionals to ensure optimal results. After purchasing the product, you will be guided virtually through an evaluation to make sure this product is ideal for your skin type and hyperpigmentation goals.

Why Choose Charette Cosmetics for Hyperpigmentation 

Charette Cosmetics brings a whole new approach to the world of cosmetic treatments including products designed to ease the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Our innovative techniques and tailored approach allow us to address your skin concerns, enhancing and revitalizing your self-confidence. Our medical-grade skincare products work to protect and treat your skin, revealing the most beautiful version of yourself. For your convenience, we offer Shop Pay and Google Pay. Shop our lineup of natural products online or connect with us on socials to see amazing skin transformations from real customers.

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